Memorizable Umrah Tours


SAYYAD TRAVEL provide five star hotels near Haram and Three star hotel at 800 meters. Five star hotel's deliciuse Breack fast makes memory of the tour.

We offer Umrah Packages


Umrah Visa Provide you a freedom of choice to get Hotels/ Air ticket, and Transportation.

Our Online Umrah Visa Fast Service makes a peace of mind to travel to Makkah.

Affordable Umrah Packages, are included Hotel, and Umrah Visa, only


Umrah Group Package from all UNITED STATES,  

Availability : 15 October 2018 to  15 APRIL 2019


Best Umrah  Package,  1A               QUAD                                                                       

        2 nights 3 star.

        Custom Umrah dates,                                    250.00

        Single 400, Double 350, Tripple 300,


Umrah Travel,               1B


        6 nights 4 star. 

        Custom Umrah Travel,                            v     799.00

        Single 1200- Double 900- Tripple 700.

Umrah Visa, Package,    1C


        10 nights 5  star, 

        Saudi Visa, and Easy Umrah,                         1300.00

        Single 1800- Double 1699- Tripple 1500





Umrah Group 

The Ajwa Dates is formming by the Mohammad Beace be Upon Him.

ZamZam is Most holy water in the world, that pilgrims use for shifa.


We provive you VIP umrah facility in 3 star accumodation packages.

$1799- only

We provide hotel only on walking distance from 0 to 800 meters 15 oct/31 dec




 Syed Rizwan Allah

 4605 Pine Crest Office Park

 Suite. H,

 Alexanderia VA 22312.

 Ph:            703 955 4919

 Toll free:   866 611 1130

 Cell:          215 833 5598

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UMRA VIP Package

$2499- only

 Hotel 200 to 600 Mtr

Compititive Umra Packages are included Hotel, Saudi Umrah Visa, Transport and Air Tickets only


Umrah Package from Washington DC, New york.

Maryland, Virgivia, Chicago, Los Angles, Pensylvania

Delaware, North Carolina, Ohaio.

Availability : 15 October 2018 to 15 APRIL 2019

Umrah Package, 2A                 QUAD


        10 nights Five star. 

        VIP Package for Umra,                     2499.00

         Hotels are 0-300 Mtrs from Floor.

Umra Pkg,      2B


        10 nights 3 Star Hotel, 

        Travel Dates                                      1799.00 

        Hotels are 0-800 Mtrs from Floor.

 Omra Package,   2C                                                                                      

        10 nights Five star Hotel,

        Umrah Hadia,                                      2100.00

        Hotels are 0-600 Mtrs from Floor.


Special Information

All above prices are subject to 90 days prior booking. 

OR may get best Custom family programe.


Umrah Visa, and Packages. are available from

Georgia, LA, Houston TX, Dallas, IL, Michigan, PA, MD, VA, DC, LA, Fl, Detroit, USA, United States.